• This membership is only for initiate members.
  • The payment of this membership is possible directly here with Paypal and Credit Card.
  • The payment is also possible with Wire Transfer. In this case contact the secretary of the Order at least before mi November at: administratorgeneral@aurumsolis.info
  • Do you know that you can pay your "lifetime membership" in 4 installments? The only thing to do is to contact the secretary of the Order.
  • If you have any question related to your annual dues or any issue during the process of your payment, please email the secretary of the Order immediately.



  • The payment of the annual dues must be sent before December 31st;
  • With this membership, you will be in good standing for one year;
  • After your payment you will receive an email stating your good standing for the year;
  • Your payment will appear on your bank statements or Paypal under the name "IFIO".
  • Your access on the private website for next year will be updated during the first half of January.
  • If the payment has not been sent before December 31st, late fees apply;

Aurum Solis – Lifetime Membership Z2

  • You can find the information about the membership below

IFIO (Theurgia)

304 S. Jones Blvd #3664, 

Las Vegas, NV, 89107, USA

Email: secretary@theurgia.us

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