Use: This Prayer Beads is a hermetic representation of the cosmos. Astrology is a great tool to understand your psyche. But to really understand this tradition, you need an inner understanding. The planets and the zodiac are powers with which you must create a strong and conscious link. This ritual and prayer bead will allow you to associate mantras (rhythmic pronunciations), movements, and visualizations.

Information: This Prayer Beads has been described in the book “The Magical Use of the Prayer Beads” by Jean-Louis de Biasi. Please go to the Blog for more information about the book.

It can be used in the Ritual of the Spiritual Ladder provided in the book mentioned above.

Prayer beads of the Spiritual Ladder with medal

  • Made of stone and glass beads. Approximately 16″ (40.5 cm) circumference. The wonderful medal of the Palindrome in Gold overlay 16k is associated to this prayer bead.  The beads color may vary as well as the space beads.

    It is provided in the wonderful pouch of Theurgia.

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