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This prayer bead can be used in the Ritual of the Wheel of the Year provided in the book mentioned above.Use: This Prayer Beads is a great tool to allow you to create a physical sacred space in which you will be able to perform meditations and rituals. It can also be performed mentally or in meditation in order to balance your inner elements and powers.


This Prayer Beads has been described in the book “The Magical Use of the Prayer Beads” by Jean-Louis de Biasi. Please go to the blog for more information about the book.

This prayer beads is made of 32 beads separated in 4 series of 8. The colors of the 4 series correspond to the usual four colors of the elements in the Wicca Tradition. There are two central strings, each one made of 8 beads for the Gods and the Goddess. 

Prayer beads Wheel of the Year

  • The size is approximately 16″ (40.5 cm) circumference. Read the full description below. The beads color may vary as well as the space beads.
    This prayer beads is sent in the beautiful pouch of Theurgia.

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